Create Something | Art Group

Getting back in touch with our creative selves because change is good!


An online global group of used-to-be artists having a space to create again, non judgmental and supportive.
Our first theme is Summer: Past, Present and Future. This can be approached as photography, paint, film, anything. Political, environmental, personal? Something small, we are all busy people, or take it as far as you like.

These are individual works that you will share with the group. Maybe if this gets going we could do colloborative projects in the future. Ongoing I will create an online art display space for it, we could most definately have an Instagram page.


The invited few so far are old friends and new that shared a connection in working or studying as artists in the very different times of the 90's. What a transformed world we now live in and we all share that experience.

If anyone wants to bring other people in please feel free! The goal is to share and be open to each others ideas.


For ease of communicating I have used a Messenger group, though I am not much of a Facebook user I know some of you are. We can share our thoughts and ideas via the Messenger group and post links or upload pictures of our works in progress or just the finished pieces. Then we can display them digitally together somehow. It could be really great! If anyone would rather communicate on a different platform, or has a better option let me know - it's not set in stone.

Use my email to private message or send pics if you would rather, and for anything related: